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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  August 21, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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ordinarily it's really just the out of the pocket when it's the pocket was good. and then he is going to kind of faster than stephen mcgee. >> al: now the chargers can run dallas cannot stop the clock. the ball will simply be handed off to brinkley and one more handoff will end the first half teams. preseason opener to seattle.
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both of these teams, getting to probably been the most important the entire preseason. will end it here at cowboys looks back, knocking offer the next sunday night, we go to oakland for the saints against the raiders. september 8th, it all gets so from texas, al michaels, cris dagelli and drew eskoff saying
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goob from dallas. ome football"! . -- captions by vitac --
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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. thank you for joining us. for the second time in six months, police are investigating fan violence during and after the 49ers and raiders game at candlestick park. the aftermath of several fights and a double shooting. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. two of the three men taken to san francisco general are still here and we're hearing from san francisco police that their conditions have been upgraded from critical to serious. one of those men shot and another savagely beaten.
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as the game was letting out last night at candlestick, two men were shot. it's not known if those shootings were connected. a 24-year-old man was shot in the abdomen two to four times and his injuries are considered life threatening. he was able to stumble to the hospital. another man in his 20s was also injured? shooting. police say he is not seriously injured. this is video now posted on youtube, that shows one of the brawls outside the stadium that lasted for several minutes. there is video of a youtube video that drew a lot of onlookers. the most vicious assault happened in a men's restroom where a man was beaten unconscious. we talked to fans on both sides of the bay about last night's violence. >> it's just discouraging to hear that there's eye lens
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during the games. it discourages me and i would rather come here. >> would it prevent me? yeah. do i want to go to a game? no, not really. >> it's just a very small, kind of disappointing minority that gets into this violent thing which is ridiculous. it's grown men on a football field. just because someone is wearing a t-shirt that you don't like, people go at it. it's real violence. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and oakland mayor gene quann issued a joint statement condemning the attack, saying, violence won't be condemned in either of our violence and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. our fans come here to enjoy an afternoon of football. san francisco police are not
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making comments on today and only say that they are still investigating and looking for the public's health. if you saw anything of interest, with regard to the shooting or the beating, you can also text message them at tip-411. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. the ceo of the majority of the fans from what happened last night, she released a statement saying every team and sport has a fan full of that and how stereotyping is and all know better than to stereotype. we have developing news out of libya where the situation is changing by the minute. it appears that tripoli is out
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of the watch of moammar gadhafi. word that the military unit in charge of protecting moammar gadhafi and tripoli has surrendered. this is video in the capital city. also, just about four hours ago, rebels claim they captured moammar gadhafi's son who is a top leader in america's regime. officials say tonight they provided aerial sur vile lens photograph r for the rebels as they moved in. richard engel is in tripoli right now and filed this report just about an hour ago. >> after a battle unlike any other in the country. >> rebels hope it is a walk to freedom, from 42 years of moammar gadhafi's dictatorship.
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on the highway to the west, some carry flags and others drive in cars and trucks, all armed, all excited. the rebels fan out, looking for the snipers in a nearbuy r by orchard and buildings. they don't find them. >> or rush backs to the hospitals and we also solved victories, as they capture new territory, they rescue some of their own. these men were prisoners taken by gadhafi troops, disoriented and be drag geled, after days in dark cells. in a new audio statement broadcast today, gadhafi says he's still in tripoli and urgently calls on his supporters to defend him. an anchor holds a gun as she vows never to give up her station to the rebels.
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it's a different fight now as gadhafi faces a wave of revolution. >> that is something that we are hearing over and over again, people saying, god is great. they are just thankful. they are thankful that the day has come and now it may be a new beginning for libya. and he also said the regime has asked nato to convince nato fors to stop attacking tripoli. >> people in my city are being killed day in and day out without any possible way out or any chance of negotiation. we have talked before. you cannot condition peace. you need to sit down and talk
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and then and then discuss everything. >> so in reaction to rebel chief he urged rebels to act in a civil and calm manner with gadhafi loyalists with while they celebrate. president obama is on vacation right now. the white house says he was briefed today on the situation in libya. when he went out to dinner tonight, people asked him for the latest on libya and here's what he had to say. in case you can't hear that, he waited until he had full confirmation and he would make a statement when he gets that information. he made that comment on the way into nancy's seafood restaurant and martha's vineyard to pick up food and then headed back home, i guess. earlier today he played a round of golf as well and plans to unveil his new job creation plan and exit plan shortly after labor day but republicans are pushing back a possible payroll
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tax cut extension. and given the economic situation, his campaign advisor. >> this is a big political gain. this happens every time republicans or democrats, somebody goes on vacation and the truth is, again, as you well know and as i well know, that there -- the presidency goes with you wherever you go. >> the white house says president obama will be getting daily economic briefings as well as updates on the situation in libya while he's in martha's vineyard. the lawyer for the two uc berkeley graduates sentenced to eight years in prison in iran plans to appeal that decision. chris sanchez has a look at why there may still be reason for the family to hope as well. >> reporter: josh fattal and shane bauer were convicted of spying for the u.s. their friends and families
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expected it them to be sentenced to final served after two years behind bars, that's not the case. then there was speculation that they would be released as a symbolic gesture. >> it's a humanitarian option that only iran can exercise and there is hope and maybe that poll stee to look at this seriously. >> if he wants to capitalize on a goodwill gesture, he will have plenty of eyes on the united nations. >> that's it. that's when presidents and other leaders, who are feeling a lot of world heat, want to show people that we are really okay, honest to goodness. so there may be that opportunity as a gesture of kindness to
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release them. >> >> arrested with fattal and sarah shourd, she was and released last september. an iranian american journalist was sentenced to eight years in prison but cut the sentence to two years and then suspended the sentence and let her return to the u.s. a spokesman said that she worked with authorities. >> that was kris sanchez reporting. bauer and families released a statement, we appeal to the authorities in iran and allow them to return home to our families without delay. secretary of state hillary clinton reacted to the sentence today. she released the statement saying, quote, we will continue to call and work for their immediate release. it's tinl time to return home
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and be reunited with their families. >> it was a nice day today and it's going to change tomorrow and on tuesday. what is going on, rob? >> finally, a bit of a taste of summer in the forecast. strong sea breeze, one that is at this hour cooling us off inland. 60s inland around fairfield, livermore, san jose, and once again those winds, the onshore winds push in more well clouds that hung out all day long on the coast. san francisco, around santa cruz, we had clearing this afternoon and clouds once again for tomorrow morning, the changes that we see, as you get towards tuesdays and wednesday, high pressure builds in and this brings us 90-degree temperatures. also, moisture drifting up out of the south. it may warrant a slight chance of mountain thundershowers as we head towards the middle part of the week. tonight and tomorrow morning's commute, you may end up with
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drizzle before the temperatures increase. look at the forecast coming up in a minute. >> thank you, rob. still ahead, another b.a.r.t. protest is brewing over the phone shutdown and how it could affect your commute tomorrow. why it takes more than just money to enjoy a day at the circus. and the illegal drug he can as it see might just play a key role in the [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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yet another b.a.r.t. protest is brewing and people post on a facebook page and say just a protest at the civic center station in san francisco. in the meantime, a letter to the writers demand to shut down cell phone service earlier this month. the decision came after the
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protest shown here from last month. that protest disrupted 96 trains at the height of rush hour on july 11. when leaders learned that protesters planned to use cell phones to coordinate another protest, they said it qualified as a serious and imminent threat to passengers and personnel. many say b.a.r.t. overstepped its boundaries and now b.a.r. it will hold a public meeting on wednesday to discuss the decision and situation. again, there is a protest scheduled for tomorrow as well due to start at 5:00 p.m. at civic center station in san francisco. the stock market is an uncertain place these days and has many people turning to gold. the price of gold has skyrocketed as a result and that's creating a new wave of crime in many areas. as we first reported earlier this week. oakland police are warning women to be careful when wearing their
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precious gold jewelry and now the rush is spreading all over the country. here is adide. >> they smash, they grab, and they go. >> there is a lot of jewelry being exchanged for cash and we don't know who is watching or looking. we're very, very careful. >> reporter: at a time when gold is more valuable than ever. in the last year, the price has gone up 49%. reaching a high of more than $1,881 an ounce on friday. this has prompted thieves to go for gold in gold ways. even snatching necklaces off of people. in one case, a surveillance video show as robber walking up to 568-year-old blind woman and pulling a chain off her neck. according to one report, there had been 110 similar cases this year in just one area of downtown los angeles. >> i wouldn't want to wear anything that would put me in
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the center of af tracks or attention by people who steal. >> reporter: last week, police in oakland, california, issued a warning to women. >> if you choose could wear gold, you should wear it under your clothing. >> one pawn worker who didn't want his face on camera, is worried about the impact on his business. we hired a private investigator to determine highway easy it is to sell gold on the street. >> they are going to show that the private investigator walks in, no fingerprints required. they just walk out with cash. >> jewelry store owners are trying to fight back. one way is by hiring extra security guards and posting them outside of their doors. >> there is definitely a fear out there, you know. we have to take better
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precautions. >> as skyrocketing prices drive more and more people to go for the gold. nbc news, los angeles. >> it's back to school week. there are many gadgets for class, whether it's an a tablet or ipad. swapping out electronics faster than ever, what to do with the old ones? marla tellez shows us where you can recycle them and show the continents of the devices. plus, the best part, it's free. >> reporter: whether it's an old phone, desktop monitor, laptop, or a tv, if it's an electronic, they will take it free of charge and give it new life. >> anything that you can plug into the wall, we can recycle here. >> james cow is the ceo of green citizen and it has four recyclers in the bay area and this one in burlingame. unlike his business, his company makes sure that none of the
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products ends up in a landfill. >> we track all of the items from a point of recycling to the point of manufacturer in the state of california. that's how items are not globally dumped. and 1.5 tons of water, it's hard to argue with the company's motto. repair, reuse, recycle. what you don't want to recycle is your personal information on your harddrive. as many as 9 million americans fall victim to identity theft each year. >> it's something that is very serious. when you use the copier or fax machine or faxing an important document which has confidential datas on there. this is an extra step that any consumer or business should
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take. >> and wiping out your personal information on your hard drive is simple. thanks to the harddrive destroyer here. it goes in this machine. >> it's like shredding your paper document. >> it's recycling made painless unless you're the harddrive. in burlingame, marla tellez, nbc bay area news. >> the big event for burning man in the nevada desert, of course, much of its soul is right here in the bay area. the annual festival starts in a week. joe shows us the last minute preps in one of san francisco's art collective. >> on the other side of an unremarkable fence in san francisco's bay view hunter's point, remarkable things are happening. grinders are grinding, welders are welding and bold plans are taking shape. >> people focus on finishing artwork. >> in the heart and summer, it's
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time to make a reality. >> reporter: the box shop is home base to dozens of artists, building unusual creations for the burning heararts festivals,e students cramming for a test, time has become a precious commodity. >> it's like controlled chaos with an amazing amount of energy. people are working all night long to get their projects done. >> i really wanted to make something that my 3-year-old would really love. so i made it aurora. >> reporter: his daughter will likely be pleased with her project. it's 4,000 metal leaves and l.e.d. lights. >> it's not standing at the heat and dust and coming here all summer long and making these projects happen. >> artists from the group claiming lotus girls massed a
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resemble of a flaming inner ear. a group from hundred gary has a giant heart rates. >> i have never been to the and as you heard, this is the first time and science and engineering. >> track to the desert for the week-long festival. others will end up in storage. memories as steel and iron. joe risatto junior, nbc bay area news. still ahead, south bay libraries will be closed on tuesday. some say it's a good thing. we'll explain. also, 40 years they took
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part in an infamous study with resu relts. we're there for the emotional of the stanford prison project. children who had quite the
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vacation in the bay area.
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40 years ago this month, two people were adversaries during the so-called stanford prison project reunited for the first time since that experiment. bob riddle has the emotional meeting. >> reporter: no, ma'am 1037 wasn't exactly a model prisoner. >> barry enough room to squeeze in there. >> reporter: this was known as the hole back in 1971. today it's just another closet in the basement of jordan hall and he's no longer that number.
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he's a grown man a. high school teacher in oakland. returning to the stanford prison experiment. 40 years ago 23 other paid volunteers half randomly assigned to be guards, the other half prisoners, to see how normal people would respond when put into a power less situation. and what happened was stunning. a few of the guards began to brutalize the prisoners to the point of emotional breakdown. >> i thought there was one guard in particular, we called him john wayne that seemed to go over the edge. >> reporter: john wayne is actually dave, a mortgage broker in the south bay. >> this is rich. i don't know if you require him. >> reporter: he's meeting with his former subject. for the first time since this experiment ended. >> well, i sat out to deliberately become the cruelest and saddistic guard that i could be, using my imagination and experience that i had as a
8:31 pm
hazing made at a fraternity. >> they were strip f stripped naked, debrifed them of sleep and making them go to the bathroom in a bucket. >> oh, did i definitely resome of the things that i did. i was trying to push the reaction and sue how far i could go before super bowl stopped me and it got pretty nasty. >> i felt you were saddisting in a lot of the things that you did. >> if you take a look at the way i've conducted my life for 99.9% of it, it's been rather gentle. during those six days, i felt that i was actually doing something good-bye forcing this experiment. >> reporter: the researchers was convinced to what was supposed to be a six-week experiment after six days. >> it gave me an understanding about the power of situations.
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>> reporter: at stanford, bob riddle, nbc bay area news. libraries throughout santa clara county are shutting down this week m. all library rees will be shut down and including online services as well. the library district will use that data to install a major up gre grade on the computer systems. one charter plane, 500 medical volunteers and a week-long trip, chronically ill children took part in, thanks to a program called kids of courage. nbc bay area's erin murphy as a look at their visit to the bay area. >> we have 150 kids with this group. we have everything from cancer, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and on. we have over 50 different diagnosis in our group. >> everybody is smiling and has the best spirit going on. >> alcatraz, going to raging
8:33 pm
waters. >> being that we're disabled, a lot of times they look at you and it's still too of a high risk of to take you. >> they often don't have the opportunity because they are intimidated by folks with disabilities. >> they get the experience that they need on a daily basis. it would be too dangerous for us to experience. the second the minute, the days, the weeks, it's countdown. kochl here and party it up. live it up. >> we all have to remember thankfully we should be doing more for others. >> are you going to come back and get discouraged? >> yes. >> why is that? >> it's tough. it's really tough. and the fact that they still manage to smile every single day, laugh, have a great time, be happy, it's all something that we have to learn from. these kids are inspirational to
8:34 pm
everyone around them. you have to want to do more and more for them and give them the best time that they can have. >> they looked like they were having a pretty darn good time there, don't you think, ron? >> they were. the weather was pretty nice today. >> it was. >> a lot of low clouds for the morning and the numbers over my shoulder, not what would you expect for august. especially the inland valleys, only 79 in livermore. 75 in san jose. 80 sdss on the board, though, down towards morgan hill. it's the numbers around areas east of 680 that are really below average for this time of year. highs only in 7 the 70s there. come tuesday, the numbers jump by as many as 20 degrees in some spots. a big warmup coming earlier in the week. 58 degrees in san francisco and you can see the low clouds around san francisco. 62 in san jose and oakland, 62 degrees and you can see a healthy sea breeze pushing towards the east way. west wind at 14 miles per hour.
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same onshore winds that will pull in the low clouds tonight and very likely tomorrow morning as we take the kids to school and head out to work. hardly find misty skies and maybe get the windshield wipers going on in the peninsula. we'll see more 80s showing up for tomorrow than tuesday. we're talking some 90s firing up. maybe mid-90s out towards the east bay and also watching tropical moisture that could be coming out of the south come wednesday. air quality is just great as long as we have the strong sea breeze. that's not a problem for your monday. one thing that we will have to watch closely for the southeastern u.s., tropical storm irene becoming a category 1 hurricane as it passes puerto rico in the next 24 hours and by thursday afternoon, makes landfall by the florida coast. maybe up towards south carolina. again, that could happen as early as tomorrow afternoon. it's not a tropical storm but leftover moisture, interacting with the ridge of high pressure
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back towards california. this is the reason why. our inland valleys are going to be warming up and maybe across the coast fr coastal range, we may have to watch out for wednesday, especially areas of tan to cruz. tonight, lows in the 50s. tomorrow's high is coming autopsy little bit. especially for areas in the south bay. south of highway 85, a warmup tomorrow. most of the significant warming you'll see arriving tuesday and wednesday for those east bay, inland valleys. 65 degrees around san francisco. 72 for oakland. 80s around concord and pittsburgh, warmer 5 to 8 degrees today. around the north bay, highs in the 70s. pretty big jump up towards tuesday. we cool off a little bit and then warm up once again heading towards next week. it's starting to feel more like summer. >> yeah, it looks pretty nice, actually. thank you, rob. still ahead a. recap on our story. the fallout of tripoli's rebel
8:37 pm
forces after pushing to plus, hn
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to get out of the tablets and smartphones and personal computer business.
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as we reported at the top of this newscast, rebels are reporting in tripoli. the military unit in charge of representing moammar gadhafi has surrendered. people celebrated on the streets. >> what we are hearing from people here over and over, this is an historic day. >> today we live in freedom. people are saying, god is great. they are thankful that this day has come and now a new beginning. >> rebels are reportedly flowing into the capital now with little
8:40 pm
resistance. as you can see there, in richard's report, they claim that they captured moammar gadhafi's son, a top leader in the regime. he's still believed to be in tripoli at this point and there's word that they helped the forces by providing aerial surveillance around tripoli during the pish towards that capital city. we also have an update on the situation with the 49ers and raiders fans from last night. san francisco police say two men, one shot, the other beaten after last night's game at candlestick. both had been upgraded from critical to serious condition. san francisco police say that a shooting happened as the game between the 9ers and raiders was letting out. one man was shot in the abds men two to four times. another attack happened in the men's restroom during the game at candlestick. a san rafael man was beaten
8:41 pm
unconscious. we have more for you at the world of personal computing was thrown a loop on the news of hewlett-packard. >> reporter: as the world's best selling maker of personal computers, hewlett-packard had hopes as eventually as last month that the touchpad tablet would make inroads. >> when people use the touch pad, when they pick it up in the store and give it a try, we have a ui that's unlike no other. >> maybe it was too unique. the touch bad did not solve. almost as fast as you can see new coke t. was pulled next week. >> here today, gone tomorrow, the average person probably didn't even know that it existed. >> it's trying to sell off the pc con tomber business. ibm did the same thing. >> they are looking oh get out of business where they have to compete with apple.
8:42 pm
>> another sign of the diminishing role. maybe expected the pc to play in the every day life in the year ahead. >> sits great to have great value but it does there's a concern with future growth. >> tablet sales, meanwhile, are forecast to zoom from 15 million worldwide last year to 70 million this year. with everyone chasing apple. >> the ipad is reaching so many different ages and people are finding that it's so not ta take a lead into the android tablet. >> or as hewlett-packard found out, to a touch pad. time to check in with john henry smith of comecast sports net. what is going on? >> howdy, ji yan. the salvage were trying to wchbn
8:43 pm
the mound.
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that's when we come back.
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if any of your dads out there have lost a one on one game with your kids, they suffered a loss at the hands of the worst teechl in baseball. they came to see them do something like that. home to second to break a tie. dan's day was anything but joyous. his first ever way from the giants bull pin, gave up two runs while throwing a whopping 49 pitches. giants trail 4-3 in the foufrt
8:46 pm
and batting a buck 50 and ties things up and stay tied until the 11th when pablo launched a 2-1 homer and the giants prevail. in the morning the team placed brian wilson on the team disabled list retroactive to august 16th. he's suffering from elbow information and wilson could be back as early as august 31st. the cubs are in town that day. now back to good giants news. all they needed was the home run by alice to go up 1-0 and that was enough for tim hudson. over seven innings, struck out 7.
8:47 pm
braves win 1-0. there was only one run scored in the a's versus bluejays. they secured the only run with jose batista. november seventh, leave the majors and a's leading the league in something else. shut out losses. series ground out seals that deal. a's 1-0 leading 13th loss of the season. fantastic finishing detroit. top of the ninth, one out, matt gets to sacrifice the fly to center field game over. tigers win it. drafts around the corner tlea was gold to be found in the
8:48 pm
matchup here on nbc bay area. it was the chargers versus the cowboys. a high fantasy pick because he throws touchdowns to put the bulls up 10-0. peter directs traffic and hits. fantasy stud pulling for six to pull the cowboys closer. need a running back in how about ryan matthews. he scores from 15 yards out. chargers win, 20-7. tonight's other game, bank gels versus jets, first quarter, mark sanchez searching for santonio. 16 yards later he finds santonio. holmes, that is. 10-0 and brian leonard gets the bangles on the board. later in the second, sanchez looks like he's trying to throw this ball to the moon but instead throw it is for a
8:49 pm
26-yard score and the jets win 27-7. and that's sports. back to you, diane. >> all right. thanks a lot, john henry. giants fans have packed all season often times running early to get their hands on prized possessions handed out at the gate. one of those being a beloved bobblehead, of course. the giants are responsible for the latest craze. lawrence scott has a look. >>. >> reporter: detailed, unique, and highly south after. they are a truly must have for baseball collective nls. this began over a decade ago in san francisco when the giants were looking for a fun way to wrap up their season at candlestick park. >> we wanted to come up with events that they were somewhat nostalgic. i remember going to candlestick park as a small boy. you can always buy a bobblehead at the merchandise stands. maybe once in a while a bad day.
8:50 pm
how about if somehow we created a bobblehead. >> reporter: so the giants called in a specialist to craft the next generation of bobble heads. >> we met with a premium supplier. we said it's a short, pudge gee doll and the head has to bobble. it was a really thin bob well a tiny head on it. i said, that's the object sit of it. this is a willy maze bobblehead, 1999. and i still remember the day we gave it away. fans felt like, wour, this is really some substance to it. it's heavy. and we knew immediately we had a winner. >> and the trends started to blossom just about everywhere in the visiting clubhouse in at&t
8:51 pm
park. there is a huge collection, several bobble heads that become a popular hid hidden gem for select visitors. his park is often the one to see the baseball managerie in person. >> i came to the last home stand and did a tour because it was on a game day and he came in and he brought me a bobblehead, a willy mace one. they were interesting. i thought it would be neat. >> he seems to have them all. it's quite a collection. >> it all started with retro inspired thinking and given modern twists. >> i remember last year or the year before, we did the real hair. maybe we'll do one with the brian wilson beard. maybe we've got an idea there. >> reporter: no doubt, fans will be nodding with approval. >> get it. nodding with approval. all right. coming up next, startling
8:52 pm
numbers about autism and siblings. pl,us doc. are using the
8:53 pm
illegal drug he can sassy to treat cancer.
8:54 pm
new research shows that the los angeles station has more on this. >> reporter: for decades, parents with ought cities stick children faced a dilemma. expand their families or not sth? the heartache and challenge of raising someone with a developmental disorder is great but having a child with the same aflikz was fairly minimal. >> three to four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism. >> reporter: but then other researchers nationwide began
8:55 pm
compiling information on newborns and toddlers related to autistic children here at the ucla lab. initially they wanted to determine how precise the warning signs were. children 36 months and younger were checked for language, eye movement, and even cognitive behavior to determine, if in fact, they were living with autism. >> reporter: while they were doing it, the research team found something disturbing. those estimates of siblings who might develop autism, those were underestimates. the children showed signs at a much higher rate than expected. in fact, the average risk is 19%. >> in families where there is already a child with autism, one in five is likely to go on to get a diagnosis of autism. one in five is quite a bit more than we expected. >> reporter: the implications of the report, published in the journal of pediatrics, it bols sister theories of sibling dna
8:56 pm
strands. in the real world, parents may embrace that old adage. >> findings of the study, we think that this is the most accurate information about what the risk is. >> again, that was gordon reporting. the drug he can sassy can be used to treat certain forms of cancer. they are using compounds of he can sassy cells and test tubes and trials in patients could be several years away though. they have tweaked the chemical structure and modified it as a possible treatment for leukemia and lymphoma. >> we have a modernized form of ecstasy, which is 100 times more than the original parent compound he can as it see itself. >> reporter: he can sassy is the most common recreational drug in
8:57 pm
the world. the modified he can sas tea will not be used. the annual cow-topia celebration that kicks off for the last nine years. it's one of the experiencials. not sure what that is. more than 100 services offer programs at the uc berkeley rec facility. >> i think it's exposing them to what is available to them and also educating them on different ways to get involved and really enhancing their education. >> an estimated 30,000 students are expected to attend the two-day seminar. and it's going to be -- we are going to have a nice one? a nice sfwheek. >> it's feeling more like summer, at least. >> thank goodness. >> it's been very cool tomorrow morning. probably drizzle and mist. especially around the coast.
8:58 pm
lump time, 60s and 70s. the difference with tomorrow's forecast, it will 50/50, some warming on monday. tuesday, mid-90s. tri-valley, east of 680. castro valley eastward, you'll get the 90s, same story from highway south of san jose for tuesday then. slight risk of thunder on the coastal range. another thing to be watching as we hit towards wednesday. >> fair enough. thanks a lot, rob. thanks for choosing this special edition of nbc bay area news. "dateline" nbc is next. and then more news the 11:00.
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